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Place of origin  Guangdong, China
Brand Name Popper Mold-Tech
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mold
Product Material Steel
Plastic Material PP,PC,PA,PA6,ABS,PET,PVC,POM.etc
Gate System Cold Runner / Hot Runner
Ejection Pin/ Stripper Plate. etc
A.B plate 1.1730 / P20 .etc
Tool Life Prototype - 1,000,000 shots
Mold Base LKM stand  moldbase - Copy HASCO components
Cavity&Core P20/H13/NAK80/S50C/S136/738H.etc
Surface finish Polish/ Texture / Heat treatment. etc
Number of Cavity Single / multiple / Family mold lead time:3-8 weeks
Plastic injection molding for toys Many plastic toys are made by injection molding, plastic toys have the advantages of good strength, light weight, colorful decoration, complex design and economic. China is the largest market for plastic toys, as well as the largest manufacturer. Many world famous plastic toy manufacturers have established their research center and manufacturing facilities in China, such as Hasbro, Lego, Mattel.

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Plastic Toy Injection Mold China made plastic toy mold according to local standards, the injection mold should be as economical as possible as long as it produces the required amount of plastic parts. Plastic toys generally do not require high precision, so molds, home-made molds are recommended. Injection Molding for Plastic Toys High volume injection molding production requires Class 101 molds, hot nozzle design and automated production are recommended to minimize mold cost. If you decide to add recycled plastic material, be aware of the density and strength it could compromise. Toy parts always have a colorful look. , Color powder mixing ratio and injection molding parameters need to be decided; Otherwise, the color of each batch of parts would have an unacceptable deviation. Injection molded plastic toy parts usually require a secondary process like painting, coating, printing services like Popper Mold-Tech to minimize scrap rate and risk.

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