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Renewable Design for Precision Injection Mold - Plastic Injection Molding Case – Plastic Mold Household Appliance Mold Plastic Air Conditioner Cover Mold – Popper

Place of origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Popper Mold-Tech
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mold
Product Material Steel
Plastic Material PP,PC,PA,PA6,ABS,PET,PVC,POM.etc
Gate System Cold Runner / Hot Runner
Ejection Pin/ Stripper Plate. etc
A.B plate 1.1730 / P20 .etc
Tool Life Prototype - 1,000,000 shots
Mold Base LKM stand  moldbase - Copy HASCO components
Cavity&Core P20/H13/NAK80/S50C/S136/738H.etc
Surface finish Polish/ Texture / Heat treatment. etc
Number of Cavity Single / multiple / Family mold lead time:3-8 weeks


Mold Flow Analysis

3D Portotyping

What are the Benefits of Injection Molding for Appliances? Do you know the reason why so many appliance manufacturers are relying on injection molding to maintain their plastic parts’ supply? Injection molding has been around for more than 50 years as one of the principal ways to produce plastic components. It is a process in which molten plastic is pressed and forced into highly precise molds by applying high pressure before cooling. Besides high versatility and a variety of benefits as compared to other manufacturing processes, there are many other reasons why appliances use injection molded parts: ● Injection molding involves high-pressure injections that ensure the supply of plastic to even the deepest parts of a mold resulting in intricate shapes and designs that don't require any additional processing. In this way, injection molding reduces the additional processing costs. ● Molding offers a high part volume in a limited time, thanks to its high-speed manufacturing capability. The only step that requires some time is design and finalization, after which everything moves at a rapid pace. Once you have finalized the mold designs, the manufacturing process will be expedited. ● Changing a plastic's properties through fillers addition is very easy through injection molding. Even more complex processes (such as overmolding) can be achieved by inserting the additional components into fillers.

CNC Machining

Plastic Injection Molding

What Appliances are manufactured through Injection Molding Processes? It is easy to comprehend that appliance manufacturers are using plastic injection molding processes due to their high productivity in a short period of time – but what type of plastic components are usually prepared by appliance manufacturers through these processes? Let's take a look at some of the most common appliances plastic components manufactured through Injection Molding: ● Refrigerator Parts The refrigerator parts made using injection molding include in-door shelving units used to hold jars and condiments and sliding frames. The door handles of the fridge and freezer are also products of mold. A wide range of components of ice makers comes from a mold like the plastic auger that acts as the ice dispenser. ● Dishwasher parts In modern dishwashers, various components are made from injection molds, such as silverware caddies and water-spraying wash arms. The dishwasher racks and the door or hatch to the detergent dispenser also come from injection molds. ● Kitchen appliances’ components Many components of kitchen appliances come from injection molds, such as a toaster's exterior shell and blender housings. The blender's container is completely made through injection molding. Plastic food storage containers also come from injection molds.

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