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Since Our founding, we have delivered reliable, dependable, and high-quality Plastic Injection Molds manufacturing services to various industries. We are specialized in Plastic Injection Molding, Custom Injection Molding, and Prototype Injection Molding. Foshan Popper Mold-Tech is one of the emerging factories that are known for their plastic injection molding capabilities. Plastic Injection Molding is an art, and we are experts in it. Thanks to our quality equipment and skilled employees, you can count on us for all your plastic tool manufacturing needs. All Our processes and procedures are according to the International Standards of Plastic Injection Molding.
Each Mold is testified with state-of-the-art testing equipment before delivering to the customers. Whether you want plastic injection molds for your small business or at a larger scale, we have the guaranteed capacity!

oFilled Materials
oFoamed Parts
oCommodity resins
oHigh-Performance Blends
oDifficult-to-Mold Resins

oOEM Markets

oComplete Design Assistance
oCustom Mold Construction
oSafe and Secure Packaging of Molds
oClean Room Assembly
o24/7 Customer Support
oInternational Standard Safety Protocols
oCompetitive Rates
oHigh Flexibility

At Foshan Popper Mold-Tech, we employ our technical knowledge about the Plastic Injection Molding process and materials with customer service to responsiveness to meet our customers’ needs. Our focus on quality makes us stand out among other Plastic Injection Molding factories.